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Re: Favorite BLW first foods

Meats: beef--DD's first food was piece of tri-tip roast, pork (ribs are a nice size), chicken (drumsticks are great as they're easy to hold), etc
Veggies: sweet potato sticks, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, pretty much anything we were eating.
Fruits: peaches, pears, apples (I usually gave raw and she gummed on them because she didn't have teeth, she quickly learned to "scrape" the fruit off of the peel with her gums and she'd give me back the peel), avocado (a little hard for baby to grab, so we didn't feed as much as I would like), nectarine, strawberry, plums

We did a mixture at first of mushy-type foods like plums and firmer ones like apples. Meat was by far her favorite for a long time.
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