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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Originally Posted by emeyer76 View Post
Sorry to be Debbie Downer over here. I'll go disappear back in my crabby hermit hideaway and check back in when I can be pleasant and not such a party pooper. Really, I was in a great mood at the start of the week, but I am totally TGIF right now so I can be done with this week!!!

(PS: if you actually read this far, thanks for listening.... I feel better getting that out!)
No worries. I think we all have felt like that from time to time. I felt like it constantly through the worst of the m/s - when I'm laying on the couch unable to care for my family, with Elli I could think "it'll all be worth it", but this time I couldn't think that.

for seeing baby, though, even if you didn't get a peek at gender!

Originally Posted by happymama1 View Post
We all have days like that...I'm totally with you on the TGIF complaint for today is that my in-laws are coming for the weekend, and I've been feeling too tired/busy to clean, but they get here I gotta keep working away at it (even though I just want to take a nap!!!)
My FIL will be here with the moving truck tomorrow and we're going to help unload the truck But I'm not upset about having them near!
I am a bit worried cuz it looked like this just a few minutes ago outside...

It's way too early for snow, IMO!!!
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