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My friend just called and said her 18mos old keeps pushing the chest clip down to her belly and taking her arms out while mom is driving. Sometimes she will stop if mom grabs her knee and tells her to get her arm back in but most times she wont. She has tightened the straps so much that they have left red marks but dd still manages to wiggle her arms free. She has started spanking her b/c she'll try to lean over and unbuckle her 5mos old brothers seat while mom tries to pull over but she still does it literally every time they are in the car. I suggested enlisting dds 'help' in keeping brother safe, letting her get her arms in and doing the chest clip herself, letting her do brothers chest clip, and then praise her for being such a big helper. What else can she do? Highly doubtful but shes desperate, she wanted to know if theres anything on the market to stop her dd? Any and all suggestions would be awesome! Tia!
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