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Re: curious about brands

Originally Posted by Kabuki24 View Post

Type 2: (I think this is probably most mom's on here fit in this category). They do their research, they buy a few AIO's a few pockets, maybe a dozen prefolds and some covers, decide what they like then buy more of the kind they like. They might on occassion try something new.
I am so type 2! I got a rental to start out and try some stuff. I found that I like BG fluff. I have freetimes, 4.0s, and flips. I didn't like elementals. My stash also has 3 kawaiis that I like (freebies mostly), some bedtime fitteds (thirsties covers with those for now) and 4 swaddlebees 2.0 0S for the cuteness. I have one itti bitti tutto that I got as a freebie, I'm not looking to buy more but I reach for it enough. I have 12 prefolds that I don't use much but they are there if I need them.

There are some other diapers that I've gotten through trades or bought that I just don't like or use. I'll trade them off if I see an ISO or sell them if I get up the nerve.

Research! Almost every time I got a diaper that I didn't research I ended up not liking it much. Don't buy all at once and if you think that you might want a variety buy slowly over time. Almost all my diapers came in stages, I bought one freetime on FSOT loved it and bought 9 (3 and then 6) more lol. Got 2 swaddlebees, loved them, got 2 more. That way I can't make a HUGE buying mistake that I have to undo.

You'll find your style
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