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Re: curious about brands

My sister CDed her kids in Fuzzi Bunz, so when I was pregnant and the OS FB came out, I was gifted 24 of them. At 5 months old they STILL leaked every time I put one on my 5th percentile baby. I sold all of them and bought a full stash of gDiapers. After a few months the liners wore out and the gCloth wasn't absorbent enough, so I sold all of them and bought GroBaby. Each time I sold one stash and replaced it with another I lost money and ended up with fewer diapers, so DD was diapered in a very slim rotation of GroBaby diapers, and I slowly added to it here and there between her first and second birthdays until we had about 24 soakers and 12 shells. She potty trained out of those.

I now have DS, 85% of the time he is in a GroVia hybrid with a stay dry soaker, what I found the love with my daughter I still love for him. I also have a dozen AIOs, the GroVia AIO came out late in my daughter's diapering days so I only had an odd few with her, but with DS it is nice to have them, though I still prefer the fit of the hybrid. I have also added 12 fitteds to his stash this summer and started upcycling wool, mostly because it's fun/cute.

So, though I thought when I got started that I would be like my sister, and just use FB all the time, it sure didn't work out that way! I have never liked the fit of them, and she was far more utilitarian about the cloth diaper world than I am! I am on the forums enough that I can understand a lot of nuances about both the industry and the functions of different diapers, so it is interesting for me to be able to so nicely tweak diapering to meet our needs for a day by pulling from different parts of my stash. However, when people ask me what diaper I would use if I had to do 1 kind full time, I say GroVia hybrids . I really do think I COULD diaper with just them, but I like the variety!
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