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Re: curious about brands

I started t out the same as you. Let me tell you I now own 5 different brands (3 different styles). If you are 100% about saving money this i show i did it.
The first thing I did was buy 6 BG 4.0 because everyone I talked to loved them for overnight and they fit through all sizes. I figured worst case they will just be an overnight thing. I love the bg 4.0 but realized they are very puffy in the small stage so i got flip covers (one-size) and small or medium gcloth inserts to go in them for the small stage. at the medium/large stage I use the flip insert or the gcloth. This keeps cost down & bulk down because i could just use the sized insert when i wanted trim fit & the one-size flip insert when i didnt' care. The flip system is less expensive than BG 4.0, but works great (not the best over night tho). I also tried GroVia (similar to the flip) but it costs a lot & i didn't enjoy the snap in liner or the dry-time. I also tried the gdiaper, but had major leak issues with the cover (love the inserts). Good luck.
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