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Re: curious about brands

I am a Type 1 but more like the cousin. I have 24 bGs (OK I'm exactly like the cousin, lol), 8 Flips, and about 2 dozen inserts for the Flips. I CD to save money! The fact it is eco its just a bonus. I plan to sell my stash (if 2 kids later it is worth anything) to get money back. Anything back is more than what I'd get for a used disposable.

I see other diapers I would love to try but refuse to spend the money. My biggest spurge is replacing my mf with bamboo for my pockets. I am half way there. I feel guilty about it

I am a little Type A, I would be driven nuts by having random diapers for different occasions, different styles/types, etc. I need streamlined and affordable.
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