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Re: Disney vacation?

My dad has worked at disney for over 25 years and needless to say I've been an ungodly number of times to the parks. This is the perfect season because all of the tourists are gone back home and we can enjoy the parks without the long lines. I can't get on any rides since I'm six months pregnant, but I think we'll be going to Epcot next month or next week (don't know) just to get some pictures of my big belly and of course there's the food festival. This year has been a little unpredictable weather-wise--way too much rain.

You could absolutely find a rental house near the parks, which would cost less and have private amenities (we live next-door to one) but the truth is you will have to pay for parking, you will have to cook and you will have to deal with us crazy locals who have less and less patience with tourists on the road. I think staying on-site is much easier, plus the buses are a plus. Anything on International Drive would also be great. There's one called Floridays that has received a lot of buzz lately.

April will be a nice time of the year except if you suffer from allergies. Not too hot, not cold. Just understand, if you're off on vacation, some else will be. Usually we will have a few weeks in spring when the spring-breakers come out of the woodwork. But they will the flower displays during that time. Restaurants-- it can be a rip-off and the food isn't that great, considering. There are some exceptions here and there. You can exit the parks and go find a restaurant off-site and come back, but this just takes time and it's really inconvenient. They've improved the food quite a bit, however. You will have lots of options.

With four adults, the benefit is that two of you will be able to stay outside with the smaller kids and two of you will be able to go on a ride. Magic Kingdom is awesome for kids that age. You will not be bored. IMO, you will consider a one-day visit wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too short.

Because we are locals, we won't be taking our LO to Disney until he's a year old, but I see itty bitty babies there all of the time and the parents don't seem to mind.
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