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Re: WWYD... overweight friend and new furniture...

That's sad. And a sucky position to be in. I agree with the post below..... and because of that I also agree with the PPer who mentioned uninviting him. I think that's the best option, because if he doesn't respect your property enough to sit on the deck/bring his own chair/at the least replace your old ones, then why does he deserve the benefit of camping with you?
But that's easier said than done. So, instead, I would probably get a specific sturdy chair for himfor this trip, and make sure to not invite him in the future.

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Wait, he broke your chairs but didn't offer to pay for them? I don't care how he broke them, whether he was too big or wehther is drove a 4-wheeler into them an smashed them, if he broke the chairs he should pay to replace them. If my kid jumps on the couch and busts the springs, I offer to replace it, this is no different.
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