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Re: curious about brands

I started with an obsession to buy a whole bunch of one I ended up with 24 of something...I went through a couple brands like that

Then I got the obsession to have a complete rainbow of I had a bunch of different brands to complete my rainbow.

somewhere in here I thought fitteds were fun

Then I got tired of stuffing pockets so I went with all AIO (BGE) for simplicity and reliability

I still only like AIO diapers...we use about 30 BGE for my 3rd child in diapers (but only one is actually using them). I just ordered some aplix diapers cause my older DD has been helping with the baby and she hates snaps. But I would have been content without them.

I do have a couple "cute" diapers that I bought for the print or color....but basically I am past all my addiction craze and just use what I got now.

BUT - get me knocked up and I can turn into an obsessed crazed diaper buying maniac before the second line shows up on the now I make my DH sleep in the living room (kidding)
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