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Re: so my finial numbers are in...

I've kept a spreadsheet of all my expenses along with how many and what type of diapers I've got.
I fully admit I've spent WAY more than what I had inteded to spend, but I ended up on this site, and this site does bad bad BAD things to your budget.

On all my diapers, accessories, and even "luxuries" I have spent: $804.69
That includes a full newborn, size small, and one-size stash, cloth wipes, wipe warmer, diaper sprayer, diaper pail, and wool-care items. The only thing that is NOT included in this number is all my wool, as my MIL bought all of it for me.

So far I have sold off $283 worth of those diapers, making my current out-of-pocket $521.69. And what do I have left to show for that amount:
-10 small AMP pockets w/Alva 100% bamboo inserts
-10 Size 1 Thirsties Pockets (These are my only buying regret, there is NO FLIPPING WAY those fit till 6 months!)
-2 Size 2 Thirsties Pockets
-14 Freetimes (not all here yet)
-4 Elementals
-6 Alvas

-6 of each small, medium, and large prefolds
-4 medium, 6 large fitteds
-6 XS Thirsties covers
-4 Small Thirsties covers
-2 Medium Thirsties covers
-4 Babyland (now that I have the Freetimes, these are used as swim diapers)
-4 small, 2 medium, 4 large Gdiapers w/home made bamboo inserts

-diaper sprayer
-wipe warmer
-air-flow pail
-60 wipes
-1 small wet bag
-2 medium wet bags
-1 large wet bag
-3 pail liners
-4 snappis
-Full sets of wool care in 2 different sents
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