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Re: WWYD... overweight friend and new furniture...

As an obese person I am very mindful of the furniture anywhere I go. I have never broken anything. If I did I would have offered to replace/repair it asap. I suggest getting one of those chairs that can hold a lot of weight for him. I got one at costco, it folds and doesn't hurt my knees from it sinking down in the middle. I take it with me when I need to sit outside at someones house or something like that. If you invite someone to your house they have to have a place to sit. I would talk with him about it rather than not invite him. Having all the furniture break should not be an option. In addition to his weight, it could be that he has a hard time getting up and therefore puts a lot of pressure on the furniture when doing so. I don't know anyone who has broken furniture because of their weight though.
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