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Originally Posted by Lexy
So I was sick yesterday and the day before so I didn't temp and was woken up at weird times by 3yr old a couple days before that so I couldn't temp. So I have no consistent temps to go on. Well I'm still very slightly spotting very dark brown discharge. I'm on cd11 and yea my periods from start to finish of spotting are insanely long. Well yesterday was a dark opk, but negative when wet. I looked at it today (I just put it away after the time limit) when I did another opk and it is very positive dry. My test the day before yesterday is negative and so are the two from today. Only day I bd'd was last night because I have been spotting pretty heavy and didn't think I would o until around cd14. Is that opk true? I'm prolly completely out this month since I wasn't bding while on AF What do u think?
Opks are positive 12-36ish hours before ovulation. IF yesterday's was a true positive, you Should be covered with bd yesterday, today and tomorrow. But, I would also keep temping and using opks in case it wasn't a positive. Your body may have just geared up to o and not actually released and egg.
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