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maybe just 2 more....

Okay this is totally jsut silly yet everytime I look at my stash it becomes an issue..

I've delt with a 12 diaper stash since last summer, I made it work and it overall worked fine.. However with BG having their buy 5 get one free sale I decided it was a great chance to pick up a few more diapers and went for a pack. My DD isn't ready to PT yet I expect she might not be for a bit plus we are trying for another child. Also even 18 diapers is hardly and excessive amount most anyone here would say my purchase was justified.. I even had DH blessing..
So all was good, then I though hey with an extra six diapers maybe I could go back to cloth at night, I'd stretched 12 diapers by using sposies at night or in the diaper bag..I found a few doubles I still had and tried then with a few of my new free times and LOVED the results! I can now do 2 nights in cloth and then I do a sposie on the third night when I wash diapers.. Honestly I have no intention of changing that I love it...
My issue is now my stacks are uneven
I keep my diapers on a shelf in our bathroom in 3 stacks 2 stacks of 6 of my thirstie duos and one stack of the 6 FT...
But now I stuff two and reserve them for night time I put them on a seperate shelf so they dont get mixed up.. That doesn't bother me..
The stack of 4 below does.. I NEED them even! I can't do 4 stacks of 4 not enough width, not 2 stacks of 8 not enough height.. 3 stacks of 6 fit perfectly they looked all nice and pretty and complete.. My world was in order and made sense..
So see now I must buy just 2 more free times where I don't care I'll look on FSOT or maybe find a sale but really it doesn't matter I need order restored.
DH just laughed at me and said I was doing too much of this
He never sees the bigger picture

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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