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Re: Body hair

Originally Posted by joyous View Post
I shave arms and legs daily right now. It's hot here , and I wear dresses to work everyday, so hairy legs are a no for me.

In the winter, probably like twice a week if I'm not bare legged. Girly parts are trimmed

ETA: not arms, armpits. I've never shaved my arms! Lol
I was going to say, man she must have really hairy arms, if it makes that much of a difference in the summer. But must be great in the winter, no need for a coat!

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
Haha, just for fun. I like the feel of waxed legs, and my husband prefers a trimmed bush, if you know what I mean.
Yes Joey we ALL know what you mean!

Originally Posted by missemily View Post
About 5 years ago I stopped shaving EVERYTHING. My friend and I made a pact to not shave anymore. Hey, at least I don't feel odd when i'm around the Amish.
When do you hang around the Amish? hehe

Originally Posted by trulyprecious View Post
My legs are not hairy at all so I only shave them for formal events.

In the winter I only do my armpits about once a month (more in the summer) and I keep the middle trimmed. I would perfer to have my underarms waxed if I could find a salon locally that does a good job and does not continuously dip the same used stick in the wax. When I shave my underarms I always have painful issues with ingrown hairs because of my hair texture. It is a big pain in the butt even when I use clippers instead of a razor.
And eww!!

Hmmm I shave my calves and armpits a couple of times a week, and usually skip my thighs as their hair is finer and not that noticeable.

I dont shave my "lady bits" at all as my dh is uber sensitive and he says the bristles or whatever HURT him while dtd. There's no way Im waxing my hooha!
I dont really like the idea of having bald bits either, it seems weird to me.
Im considering trimming but it's been awhile.

I remember the first time I had a bf who asked me to shave off the hair on my lady bits and I was honestly offended lol.

I guess my previous bfs were just happy to be near the bits to complain. or they didnt care.

I dont really get the hair haters personally.
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