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Wink Re: curious about brands

It's pretty easy to defend a Mom's lack of loyalty to any one particular CD brand. You get advice from friends and family. You can do the research and decide what YOU like, but eventually you realize, it may not be what is best for baby or the family. It may look so cute on the bums of the baby on the package or on the website and you get it home and realize it doesn't fit your baby because they're a chunk or too skinny or they have a skin reaction to the material. You realize that there are benfits to certain types and risks with others. This can change as baby grows, too or even with subsequent children. What leaked when they were an infant is now a perfect fit now that they're a toddler. You find you prefer one kind of insert over another or one pattern over another. Or maybe you want to brave the task of making your own. You may grow tired of how long an AIO takes to dry and learn to love the fact that the g diaper pouch dries in seconds and you only have to change shells when they're soiled. Dad may have his say in what HE has to put on baby. If baby goes to daycare, THEY may have preferences as well. There are just so many variables to take into consideration, that it stands to reason that you really have to explore all the wonderful options and see how it goes. Give yourself permission to change your mind...many, many times. One thing I have found is that, despite changing our minds, you never really lose much money on trying something else. These wonderful cloth hand-me-overs seem to retain a lot of their value friend-to-friend or with subsequent children. Best of luck!
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