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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by lensesforeyes View Post
Honestly, I hate hearing stuff like that. I mean no offense to your sister, and I understand that a large percentage of people on SNAP just don't have the education about food they need, but man. Last year we were in a VERY hard place money wise, and we have four kids and did not qualify for anything. We do get WIC, in fact, I always have since I got pregnant with my first, and that helps SO much, but even $100 would have gone so far. Knowing how much WIC she gets for two children that age on top of almost $500 frustrates me, because there are so many families that truly need it (and would use it wisely), yet instead my tax dollars go to give such large amounts to people who could obviously live on a lot less.

I worked at a gas station when my oldest was 2-3, and people would come in and use their SNAP for pop and candy, then use their TANIF (welfare) to buy beer. I personally know another women with two small kids that got almost $600 in SNAP and sold it for drugs. I can't stand people who abuse the system.
Oh, no offense taken at all. My sister is an addict (clean at the moment but it has only been a couple of months since she was clean and she is still on methadone) and she makes a lot of choices that I don't agree with. I was just floored when I found out how much she got and it's upsetting when my mom tells me she had to loan her money for food at the end of every month because her food stamps are gone. She lives with my parents and I know it is helping them not to have to buy food for her anymore, they pay for everything else in her life so I do know it's a break for them but the amount of food she can purchase is just insane. Her boys basically just eat the WIC food so most of the snap benefits go to feeding her. The system is so clearly flawed. My own family could without a doubt benefit from some sort of assistance. Our budget is stretched so tight but we don't even qualify for WIC, it just seems like the whole system needs to be overhauled.
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