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Please HELP me decide!!

My BOSCH front loader is a lemon and so the store is going to replace it with something of my choice. Now being the super indecisive person that I am makes this a little stressful. I've been pouring over reviews and it just seems to make things more complicated.

The BOSCH machine required that I stand and fill it manually with a juice container so there was enough water to clean/rinse the diapers. It drove me crazy!!! I don't ever want to do this again. I'm interested in a HE top loader but it appears that they don't give you hot enough water to actually clean. Is this true? Or I'm interested in a front loader that I can choose the water level and water temp.

My wish list is something that has a sanitary cycle, an add additional water option (for diapers), huge bonus if the machine could heat the water on its own (my BOSCH does this) and lastly I want to be able to turn the end of cycle signal off.

Is there other considerations I should take into account when buying a new washer and using cloth diapers?

Please any suggestions on brand or type of washer would be greatly appreciated!!!

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