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Originally Posted by Greenbabybottoms

Oh, no offense taken at all. My sister is an addict (clean at the moment but it has only been a couple of months since she was clean and she is still on methadone) and she makes a lot of choices that I don't agree with. I was just floored when I found out how much she got and it's upsetting when my mom tells me she had to loan her money for food at the end of every month because her food stamps are gone. She lives with my parents and I know it is helping them not to have to buy food for her anymore, they pay for everything else in her life so I do know it's a break for them but the amount of food she can purchase is just insane. Her boys basically just eat the WIC food so most of the snap benefits go to feeding her. The system is so clearly flawed. My own family could without a doubt benefit from some sort of assistance. Our budget is stretched so tight but we don't even qualify for WIC, it just seems like the whole system needs to be overhauled.
I'm sorry to hear that. Makes me sad for her little boys. I hope she is able to clean up her life and provide a stable life for her kids.

I personally think mandatory nutrition classes should be part of the SNAP program. It will teach and inform those who are willing, and make those who are abusing it perhaps less likely to want to deal with it. Some WIC clinics did that around here for these special farmers market checks they hand out in June, and it really helped weed out the people who wouldn't use them. They are limited, so not enough for all on WIC, so the people who really wanted them had a much higher chance. When they implemented that, the percentage of unused and wasted ones went WAY down. So, maybe requiring one class for each month you get SNAP would help.

I was told by my employer if I reported people I saw abuse their benefits while I was on the clock, I would loose my job. I did report the women that was selling them for drugs. Doubt it did anything, but she ultimately ended up in rehab after stealing from multiple people we know. When one theft was a felony, the friend told her if she didn't go she'd press charges. It was sad. I don't particularly like the women, but I still feel bad for her and her kids. Addiction is a horrible thing!
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