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Originally Posted by thtr4me

This is absolutely NOT a doc who is okay with parents not vaccinating. He is trying to make you think he is on your side while at the same time attempting to scare you into vaccinating. I would tell this doctor to stuff it and find someone new. Look into a family practice. Much more laid back about vaccines.

And he is totally full of poo (I wanted to use much stronger language) saying you have to live in a bubble. Go about your life, take your wee one out, let your DD be around her siblings. You do NOT have to be afraid of exposing her to germs. It is good for her and will stimulate a strong and healthy immune system.

ETA: Read more responses, and please please please consider looking for a family practice doc!!!!
I started looking for a family practice physician today. I need a regular doctor too, so this might kill two birds with one stone, assuming I don't have any problems with the family practice doc! It is darn near impossible to find good doctors it seems.
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