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Re: santa or not to santa?

Ok, I am the weird one here. I did santa for the older two; I will not for my youngest. I finally told my kids the truth. Santa is not real, people are real. I am the one who puts those presents under the tree. I'm tired of having to wrap "santa" presents in different paper. I'm tired of always HAVING to unwrap presents on Christmas morning. I want to be able to just give the girls a few gifts instead of a few from me and a few from "Santa". I'm tired of all the questions. "Why do we do Operation Christmas? Can't Santa get overseas?" "Who makes the toys?", "How can Santa get in the house without chimneys?" I am tired of lying to them. I'm sick of having stay up super tired after getting home from church so that "santa" can come. I am also tired of the tooth fairy. Thankfully we never did the Easter Bunny. So yeah, it's not happening for Alannah. We can have all the magic of the holidays without the fake stuff. Sorry if I sound disenchanted but frankly I am. And I'm pretty broke right now, so that doesn't help, LOL
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