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Re: Do you regularly cook breakfast for your family??

We're big on breakfasts here. Everyone seems to eat more at breakfast than dinner. I'll make pancakes, eggs, egg sandwiches, omlets, oatmeal, granola and yogurt, fruit, or some combination of those almost every morning. Either I'm making it in the am or reheating leftovers, but yes I do cook in the morning. We do a big breakfast each weekend, whichever day is our least busy day, we'll get a slow start and either dh and I will make a pretty big breakfast. It usually looks like; pancakes, cheesy eggs, bacon, hashbrowns from scratch, fruit tray. Half the time we throw all that into breakfast burritoes and add salsa YUM. Sometimes there's some low quality stuff dh likes and I try to avoid. There's always leftovers.
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