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Re: santa or not to santa?

Some people in our famiyl are very upset with us for not doing Santa. They take it really personally and act like we're hurting our children. They made me feel really guilty and so one year I started a "secret santa" game for me kids to participate in. I told my kids that santa is a game and everyone plays the game differently. Some years we don't play that game at all, and some years we do secret santa. But they know that the gifts are coming from people, and you find out who in the end.

We don't do the easter bunny either but ironically we did do the toothfairy for ds when he lost his first tooth. I was going to put on dd's fairy wings and grab her wand and dance into ds's room right before he feel asleep. When he looked at me and said "mom?" I was going to say "shhhhh... go to sleep, you'll see your mom in the morning" and dance out. Since he fell asleep faster than expected I jsut stuck the dollar under his pillow LOL. But I do want him to know it's a game, and the money is coming from dh and I
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