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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Originally Posted by cedavid2011 View Post
Well, sorry I've missed out for a few days. We were about out of internet time and I had to wait for our "new month" to start today. We had an okay week. I had a lot of appointments and interruptions this week, but I am so blessed to have my mom close by to pick up the slack. She basically covered the three R's with everyone each day and kept up with the laundry and dishes to boot! Today we went to visit my best friend who had her 2nd girl 2 weeks ago. (The kids had been begging to go see her, but we waited for the colds to be over.) I also managed to finish my planner and get more of a schedule together. So hopefully next week will go a little more smoothly.
Just wondering if we are going to keep going on this thread every week or should we start a new one each Monday?
I've been wondering the same thing. I think we should start a new one each week. Long threads are a pet peeve of mine.

That is awesome about your mom helping out! My mom lives about an hour and half away and is a missionary based here. She helps as much as she can and would love to help more. She would teach the kids for me if she was closer and I needed her for the day. (She is leaving on the 19th to go to Thailand, which is one reason I need this baby to hurry up and come. ) I know my mom would love to be more involved in our schooling than she is. But, alas, we had to move farther out because of cost of living and my step-father works there.

ETA - I'm hanging around a lot because I "rest" at my desk in front of my computer. Sitting on the couch doesn't work because the kids want to lay with me, which means 5 kids on me and unfortunately, it's super uncomfortable right now. Hence, my many and quick replies that make it look like I do nothing but hang out here, which is sort of true.
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