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Re: Sharing vs. more toys

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
Thanks ladies. It is tough. There are lots of things like that on our Christmas list, but I really don't want to end up with TWO of everything, like one PP said, because ltos of times the toddler just wants something just to take it from DD1, not because she actually wants to play with it. No point in having two. And like another PP said, they get their own bday/xmas gifts, and they play with them for a few days, but after the novelty has worn off it becomes communal property and they are encouraged to share. Sometimes I know DD1 gets annoyed at having to share everything, so I do try to make DD2 sit to the side and wait to take turns, giving DD1 5 minutes to play alone with the train before sharing. But it's tough because sometimes DD1 DOES want to share, and will give one train piece to DD2, but then next time DD2 expects a piece but DD1 doesn't want to share... there are just so many little toys like that. I like the sugggestions about having two 'main pieces' so they each can play and then encouraging them to share the 'filler' pieces
I don't buy two of most things. We have too many toys as it is. Plus, like I said, if I buy a second of something it's a variation of the first, not exactly the same. If they both prefer the same one, they will have to take turns. But, IMHO, some things are more fun when you are able to play together. Trains and cars are one of those. (Not tracks, just the main train and car pieces) I definitely wouldn't go out and buy an extra of everything they fight over. It's a balance you have to find. Also, I RARELY buy anything if it isn't for a b-day or Christmas. If we only have one and it's not time for anyone to get a gift, they have to take turns. I definitely teach my kids to share and take turns, but the most popular toys in the house warrant having a couple of pieces for them all to play with. Also though, that is going to depend on the toy. Having several cars, trains or dinos seems reasonable, even for only 1 child. But, having 2 doll houses or castles or rocking horses or a larger type kitchen is over board. KWIM?
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