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Originally Posted by qsefthuko
Ask your water company to check the meter. If you don't have any water turned on the meter shouldn't be turning. If it's turning while no one is using any water then you have an undiscovered leak.

Our water bill averaged $80-$100 a month before cloth. Now it averages $130-$150 a month. But this includes more than just diapers. I am home all day now. We went from 4-5 people. My daughter hit her teen years and now takes long showers daily. Plus our water rates went up about the time ds2 was born. We are also using cloth in the kitchen and bathroom now instead paper.
We did that too. :-) It's definitely a usage increase and not a leak.

I was thinkig about it today, and my DS was potty trained at the same time we started cloth with DD. He had been in sposies. Would his increased usage of flushing and hand washing contribute to that? He likes to flush three times... Sort of an OCD thing.
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