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Re: I just found a guy taking pics of my backyard... Is my landlord a little crazy?

Originally Posted by Naturally Pampered View Post
My mom is saying I should call the police and ask them if it's legal, but I guess I feel kinda silly doing that. I would guess it's a civil matter since it's the landlord having it done? It is her property. but it just feels wrong.
How do you KNOW that this was a guy for the landlord?

How do you know it wasn't someone that has been watching you/knows you were home/wanted pictures?

Who cares if it's her property, it's YOUR home right now. Your private place, your sanctuary. If she feels the need to take pictures, then she needs to warn you, and let you know.

This guy could have just said, "Yes" to the roof thing because you led him into it. How do you know what he would have said if you wouldn't have given him the roof comment to work with?

I would call the police. -shrug- I don't mess around when it comes to the safety of me and my kids.
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