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Re: Can someone help me answer this "birds and bees" question for my 5.5 yr old?

I am in a similar boat as you. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy who is very inquisitive, asks oh so many questions and we try to be as honest and clear as possible. I now have a 4 month old daughter and when I was pregnant many of these convos started up. We told my son that two adults who love each other and want to make a baby, share thier body parts with each other and that Papa and Mama did this and Papa shared his sperm with Mamas eggs and together they fertilized the egg wich grew into a baby.

We had a book that shows the pictures of a growing baby along the way (A child is born), and he was fascinated with that so he quickly moved over to the idea of a baby growing in Mamas tummy and what was going on in there. He asked a few questions about how the body's work, wich we answered do you make an egg Mama?, are Papa's sperm "alive", etc. And as long as I was calm and asked him what he thought, he seemed satisfied. I also always say "Ask me anything you want and Mama will always try to be honest with you, but there are some things that are harder for a kid to understand".

I also quickly used these conversations to impress other ideas about babies and families with him. I personally try to provide as much truthfull info as I feel he can understand and if it gets too "above his head" I switch the convo up towards something else I want him to hear. With these chats we got into "Mamas and Papas and kids are families that share love and respect, right? well sometimes there are two Mamas or two Papas..... and sometimes the kids come from other Mamas and Papas who can't take care of them and those Mamas and Papas give them to other families who can love them and these are all types of real families, etc."
I am sure if you are speaking from your heart and being honest, you are doing great!

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