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Originally Posted by Melinda29

I went back to your OP to double check my math and I realized I had missed your extra rinse at the end....So it would be more like 1260 gallons on the low end....Just for diapers. And half of those water changes are utilizing your water heater....

I am not trying to make you feel bad, please know that. I am just incredibly frustrated with the cloth diaper industry that sells these crazy microfiber diaper inserts (which aren't even cloth--they are plastic!) and uber-thick fitteds and prefolds that require so much water to launder and electricity to get dry. We as consumers as pulled into thinking we are saving both money and the environment with their cloth diapers, when in truth we are saving neither. I added up what it costs me to wash diapers twice a week without even paying for water (I have a well) and it comes out to $400 over two years. That's not counting the cost of the diapers themselves! I could use walmart sposies for $775 for two years!

I am not trying to discourage CDing as I think it is HUGELY important for environmental reasons. But not if we use 7 water changes for a single load, 3 times a week. I push flats or preflats so we can get back to simple, cheap, green(er) CDing using as few nonrenewable resources as possible--washing on as low a temp as we can and as infrequently as we can, with the least amount of water as we can. Totally realistic with flats or preflats. I have been doing it for 7 years.

Sorry for the hijack. It was aimed at CD makers and their misleading claims, not you . End rant.
I actually appreciate it. :-)

I actually started out with flats and LOVED them, and then in a moment of weirdness I replaced everything with pockets with microfiber. >.<

I've regretted it ever since. I'd go back to flats, but DD is PLing so we're using Gerber undies (which I can hand rinse and throw in with a regular load, or if poopy I can throw in with DS's crazy overnight trainers). Our next babe will be a flat baby for sure, though! I really wanted to love pockets, lol! But they're just not a good fit for us.
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