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Could his rash be from BG Freetimes?

I love the fit of snap Freetimes on my 9 month old. They're trim on him and super absorbant and just all kinds of awesome. But, I have a problem. Twice in the past two weeks, he's had a bright red rash during a change and both times were being changed out of Freetimes. Day before yesterday I took him out of his dipe after picking him up from daycare and both cheeks were bright red and looked grazed, and he had another abrasion type looking bright red spot next to his scrotum. I hadn't looked to see if the inserts were twisted and letting the microfiber touch him when I took it off him but has anyone had issues with them causing rashes? I have 20 of them and love that he can easily gnaw his little feet with these, I don't want to sell them!
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