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Re: Cost break down of any system for less than $400, including organic options

Well right now someone could get the Flip deal for a great price with the buy 2 get 1 going on. It'd be $55.8 for 6 covers. I'm not the biggest fan of the stay dry inserts because my ds pees through them super fast. A more absorbent and even cheaper option would be 24 rainforest babies hemp fleece trifolds that are on clearance for $10/pack of 3. You could get 6 covers and 24 inserts for about $135. I have this combo, I added some of the cottonbabies suedecloth socks, but if I was in a financial crunch I'd have done this option, sewn my own suedecloth socks and picked up two Flip organics (GREAT price on opened ones at btw) for overnight. Still looking at an easy system with high absorbency and stay dry for around $160, not bad!

Edited to add where to get the Rainforest Designs hemp trifolds - $79.6 would get you 24! I have a ton of 'em, they're awesome things. My ds is a supersoaker so they're no night option for us but they're amazing for the day and go head to head/might even win against Thirsties hemp prefolds.
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