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Originally Posted by stevensmom
here's the shirt for the lil monkey
Sooo cute !!!

Originally Posted by knibert
cute Erica.

Can't wait to see Shannon.

Little pixie is headed toward big girl territory.

who is the car thing for Katie?

I'm at the decreases on the TAS hat. I knit a tiny bit today.

DH decided the kids need a SNAKE for a pet. So went went to a pet store to look at some. I'm not going for this so it will have to be "his" thing and I also insisted that it live in the garage and I'm not sure that will be the right long as it's not in the house, he can do what he wants w/a snake.

On the way home from snake visiting, DD threw up in her frontier :barf: :gag: for cleaning it up. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get it back together and thank goodness we had a towel under it or the van would have smelled like pizza puke forever. It was gross. Everything is sprayed down and I washed the cover. ICK ICK ICK
Sorry about the sickies

Originally Posted by stevensmom
thoughts on "truly madly deeply" tosh vintage
I love it and if I has pp id buy the lot on hc

Originally Posted by MrsStripe

So cute!!

Yuck on the snake and the car seat mess.

So, I'm yarn store sitting again. Too bad she doesn't have anything in stock yet that I need. What can you make with Malabrigo Rasta because she does have some of that in stock, but I'm not used to using needles that big. Of course the horses wanted to hide from me while it was raining so I got a nice walk in.

The body to Butch's sweater is done and fits fine. Now it just needs the neck finished and sleeves added and he's ready for Christmas. Finishing up a pair of longies for him tonight.
Rasta is super squishy and would be great on a wool wrap/sleepsack

Can't wait to sear pics of the sweater

We took ds to get his mmr shot today, so far so good.
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