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Re: Could his rash be from BG Freetimes?

I have a bunch (went a little nuts with the recent b5g1), but he'd been in 4.0 pockets stuffed with hemp trifolds most of the day both times before the Freetimes. I switch it up and he'll be in 4.0's, Freetimes, Flips, Basix or Totbots at any give time lol. I know he's not sensitive to suedecloth but I'm wondering if the microfiber somehow touched his skin or if it's just too much microfiber, too close to him.

I think you may be right eileprose. I didn't look at the flaps bc I was focused on his red butt but I wonder if they got turned up. They are such awesome dipes as far as fit and absorbency but he's still a little red tonight - this road rashy rash is going to take a while to heal
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