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20 Thirsties Fab Fitted DUO size 2-- 3 Goodmamas

DELETE PLEASE! They are on ebay now....

The Thirsties were all purchased brand new just about a year ago and have been used for our little boy. THey are in VGUC. A few have slight staining but they are in very good condition with tons of life left. All but 2 are Aplix (2 greens are snaps)

7 Green
1 purple
5 yellow
4 orange
2 blue
1 white

The Goodmamas fitteds were bought a few months ago from a mom who had only washed them. They are in fantastic shape with no stains.
1 red
1 blue
1 orange

Thirsties are $12 each and Goodmamas are $18 each
Would like to sell them a few at a time at least and will make a deal if you want more!

***I have tons of pictures but they will not load on here for some reason? PM me your email if you would like pictures!*****
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