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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
Thanks ladies.
I just don't see what the big deal is if I'm completely covered.

I could understand it if I wasn't using a cover and people were getting little mini-flashes of my boobs, ya know?

I'm going to use the coupon code at Udder Covers to get a free nursing cover (you just pay their ridiculously high shipping charge of almost $12.00 lol)... and see if having an actual cover will make nursing more discreet.

1. I am not nursing my baby in the bathroom.

2. I shouldn't have to miss service to feed my child... if that's the case there is no point in going

In FACT... maybe I'll stay home next week.. and when the pastor and the Sunday School teacher ask where I am... have my DH tell them "Well, since she's not allowed to nurse in service, even if she's COMPLETELY covered up, she figured she'd stay home. If she has to miss the service to go feed the baby, then she said there was no point in coming."

Passive agressive...? Maybe... but it'll get the point across. LOL And then when they say "Oh no, nursing isn't a problem if she's covered." Then the next time she says something to me I can say "Well, pastor said it's fine if I'm covered."


So.. yeah... I'll order an Udder Cover tomorrow after DH gets paid... then we'll go from there.

God bless!
I wouldn't spend a dime because of that woman. A blanket is more discreet than you need to be.

Just because there are men in the congregation that cannot control their "urges" (yeah. right.) does not mean you are doing anything wrong. You're not responsible for their "sin".
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