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Re: Homeschooling check-in

Corrie--That's awesome for you guys that your Mom is so close and can help you out. My Mom lives an hour away and stays pretty busy, so if we want her help we have to schedule her in advance and it doesn't happen that often. Kind of stinks, when I was little she was always a SAHM. I've been wondering about the thread thing too, because this is a lot of stuff to sift through. Every week might be too often after a while I figure this will slow down some, but we should probably start a new one sometime soon!

Everyone else--What happened to everyone? Probably life got busy and in the way. But we'd love to hear from you! I'd also like an unschooler to join. I have a few unschooling tendancies, and I'm kind of interested to know what their day-to-day looks like.

AbbieJack--That is awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys!

Heather--Your posts might have been long and several in a row, but I was super happy to read them!! Thank you so much for comparing the math books--you just saved me from doing the exact same thing you did. I've been looking at CBOM and thinking, this is too simple, I need to go ahead and order Singapore. I think I'll wait now. Keegan is pretty good at math, it's probably his best subject. He does really like the hands-on stuff. I got a kick out of the MFW hands on activites, because we've been doing some of those for quite a while (resturant, store, war, ect) and I don't really know where we got the ideas from. The CBOM does still seem kind of simple for Keegan--he knows patterns and sorting and time to the half-hour, single digit addition/subtraction, measuring in inches and simple fractions. I think my plan after reading your posts is to go ahead with CBOM, but condense each weeks worth of stuff into just a day or two as a kind of review. He will need to learn time to 15 minute intervals and multiple digit addition and subtraction so we'll spend more time on those. Whenever we get done with all that I'll have him do the placement test for singapore and go from there. Now hopefully I'll stop worrying about it! FTR, I got kind of tickled about your kids piling on you on the couch. My kids usually leave me alone when I am on the couch and they'll just play in there. But if I come in here (DH & my bedroom) to get on the computer? They all have to follow me and scream, play, and hang all over me. So I mostly post at rest time/bedtime.

Everyone else again: Am I the only one that reads the post addressed to others? Because I totally do. Like when they specifically list out AbbieJack-- I read it. Just curious if I'm the only one.
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