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Smile Re: MRSA

I am so sorry that you had such a horrible experience. I also had a MRSA breast infection. During my 27th week of pregnancy, I was having terrible abdominal pain, so much so that my body went into labor from it. To make a long story short, the doctors finally figured out that my gallbladder not only was full of stones but was diseased as well. I was put on a diet of no greasy food, no pulse, no tomato products, etc. and was unable to take pain meds for my gallbladder. I couldn't think of any foods that fit that diet except Subway sandwiches. We ate it every night for dinner. My husband lost 30 lbs., and still to this day, I have no desire to eat another one.

I could not even drink a glass of water without having a gb attack. The goal was to get to term without surgery. For a week, I was hospitalized and fed through an IV at 27 weeks. They told me if I was unable to eat a meal w/o a GB attack within that week, I would need old-fashioned (laproscopic causes cardiac arrest in unborn babies) scar-across-your-whole-stomach seriously-long surgery to remove my gallbladder. They told me the large amount of anesthesia required for this surgery would no doubt start a labor they could not stop. Chances did not look that good because the baby was so small. On the very last day, in just about the last hour, I wa finally able to eat a meal with no problems!!

My beautiful daughter was born with no complications, and 6 wks to the day after her birth, they did my gallbladder surgery. It had caused me so much more pain than any of my 3 childbirths, I wasn't even nervous as I waited to start surgery. I was nursing, so I had pumped milk, but she had never bottle fed before. I nursed her just before surgery bc I figured I would be pouring breast milk out during surgery, which was mortifying to think about at 22!! Unfortunately, just before they wheeled me into surgery, an emergency surgery for an accident bumped my surgery back by two hours. I looked like Dolly Parton by the time the surgery began.

No doubt I was leaking like crazy after 6 hrs of not nursing. In the meantime, my poor husband was begging our daughter to take the bottle. He says everyone in the waiting room tried taking turns to feed her as she screamed for 6 hours. During my surgery, I am sure a nurse had to wipe my breasts constantly due to the milk leaking, and I am sure this is when I got MRSA.

I got a breast infection and went to my OB, who prescribed antibiotics. Didn't faze the infection, so I went back to the dr. I was DETERMINED to nurse. I believe it gives our kids such a great start and wanted to nurse for a year. When the dr. just suggested I quit nursing, I was discouraged, frustrated, and decided not to go back. I took the 2nd round, which did nothing. Young and dumb and determined, I gritted and bared the pain for six months until I couldn't take it anymore. I lived 8 hours from family, and everyone I asked just told me I should quit nursing. I called a dear lactation consultant. She told me to go to a 2nd doctor and demand a breast milk culture. I did. The dr. kind of blew me off but agreed to run the test. Within the next day or two, he called me and told me he had just gotten off the phone with the Dept. of Infectious Diseases. My culture came back as MRSA and we had to start strong treatment immediately. Unfortunately, the rounds he was giving me were too strong for the baby, and I couldn't nurse any longer. I was young and didn't know what MRSA was yet, so I told him I would just wait until the baby was a year old before it started treatment. I told him I had already tolerated it for 6 months and thought I could make it 3 more. He told me I had done great to nurse for 9 months, but it was time to take care of myself.

I tolerated 6 months of pain to nurse her and am still glad I did for her sake, but luckily, I think God helped her transfer to a bottle with no resistance at all. I was very blessed bc though I had MRSA for 6 months, I never got an abscess. I had no repercussions from it. I tested negative for it later. One thing that probably helped is that she was a nursing machine. She was my first baby, and they kept telling me to let her nurse as long as she wanted, but she would nurse for an hour or longer, just because she liked to suck. I didn't realize this was unusual, so maybe she kept it drained enough that it didn't become an abscess. I don't know. ? But I sure went through a lot during my pregnancy and nursing for that little girl!!

I nursed two more children for a year each and never had another problem with MRSA.

I am so sorry that you had an abscess and were not able to continue to nurse. I know you had no choice in the matter and that it was a disappointment. At least you were okay. I know of a man that died at 36 with MRSA. That makes me realize how blessed I am that everyone was okay in the end
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