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Re: This made me cry first and then made me get out my camera.

Originally Posted by EmilyMae12 View Post
Hiding from the camera has become my "thing". Always making sure that my chubby leg is out of the shot when taking pics of my baby girl and getting upset when DH takes a pic of the DD and I sleeping because I will always have a double chin. I forever hide my soft deflated beach ball belly behind my large purse or my ring sling. . . it's hard going from feeling like a baby growing goddess fiercely proud of my round and hard tummy to feeling like an empty vessel. I love my girl with all my heart and I can't wait to love myself again.
I know. I hate my stomach, too. The only time I feel good about it is when I'm pregnant because it's supposed to be big, right? Now that I'm not pregnant, I like having a child on my lap to cover it up!!
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