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Re: Fleece as good as wool?

Personally I can't handle wool. I know you don't have to care for it often, but it is more labor intensive. And I don't have a good place to dry it. And I'm cheap, and wool gets messed up too easily. I don't want something that I have to worry about snagging, staining, and in general ruining. Fleece is cheap enough that if it get ruined, oh well, it's ruined. But it doesn't get ruined as easily. It's also really really easy to come by and to sew.

Of course wool has it's place. Just not in my house, lol. We use fleece and PUL. But there definatly are benifits to wool. It is more bulletproof than fleece, and you don't have to launder it as often.

I think you should try one of both and see what you like. Beware though that not all fleece is made the same--for night you'd probably want 2 layers of blizzard fleece. Not all wool is made the same either--you'd probably want some quality interlock for overnight.
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