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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

Originally Posted by Done at 3 View Post
My mom and I had this conversation last year. We were talking about the gifts the boys were getting and I mentioned that their big gifts were from Santa. She argued that we should get the credit for them. I thought this was an odd way of looking at it. Their most desired gifts are always from Santa because "he knows what they really want most" and that's part of what always made it so special for me as a kid.

It never even occurred to me to be concerned with who got the credit for the gift. One day they will know the truth and that everything was from DH and I anyway. I don't give gifts to get credit for them, I give them because I genuinely love seeing people enjoy things I've gotten for them. I put tons of thought into choosing really personalized gifts and their happiness is enough for me.
This is me, exactly.

Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
We don't celebrate holidays but when a present comes from a person, we make it clear who it came from and they always get a thank-you, and maybe even a card. Why would I teach my children to give credit to someone who doesn't exist? At worst it's a lie, and at best it's inconsiderate. Someone worked for the gift or the money to pay for it. I want my child to know who it really came from and be thankful.
My kids always send thank you cards for b-day gifts. Believe me, they are very appreciate of the Christmas gifts, BUT they are children and they grow up so fast. At age 5, they don't need to think they are being inconsiderate b/c they don't thank the exact person it came from. I can tell they are thankful and appreciative when I see the joy on their face while they open their gifts. They know very well that someone worked for the gift and they know that dh works very hard for everything they get.

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
we dont celebrate xmas anyway but we did the first 2 years after ds1 was born. x was very passionate about not doing santa or any other mythical gift giving character. he felt very deceived when he found out he had been lied to all those years about santa. he did not want to do that to his kids as well. and i personally dont like the way most parents use santa as a way to get good behavior from their children. ive heard so many say "you need to be good if you want santa to bring you something this year" the whole santa thing never appealed to me. as a child i was very skeptical and knew that something was going on around age 5.
Me either. We would never do that to the kids and I cringe when I hear it.
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