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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 1st

Originally Posted by sewmany View Post
Can I join? I have no been trying for a year but I just had my 3rd miscarriage. We lost 2 in between my girls ages 5 & 15 months. We're starting the process of testing to figure out why this keeps happening.
Sure you can join- Please just put your info in a post and I can add you to the list. I am so sorry for your losses. I hope you have a short stay with us here, and that you get plenty of support from us while you are on your journey.

Mel- Morning sickness sounds good. I sure hope that your little one is settling in and stays put for 9 happy months.

Laurel- I am so sorry. Your poor husband. How are you both managing with everything? I'm glad to hear he feels better- I sure wish the medication didn't mess with your fertility. You are in my thoughts.

AFM: We are moving ahead this month. I am scheduled to have the FET November 2nd. Any tips or suggestions for me? Think I should do acupuncture the day of?
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