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Originally Posted by ajane

He is apart of the season though. And, just b/c it is to celebrate Jesus' birth doesn't mean you have to focus on only one part of the season.
I'm not opposed to the stories of St Nicholas. Throw out some stockings, fill with fruit, nuts and trinkets. But I have never liked Santa. Even as a kid.

I'm also not opposed to teaching about Hanukkah even though we don't celebrate it.

But the idea that Santa exists to bring presents to kids? Nope. Not that version of commercialism.

I can't explain why I don't like Santa. I just don't. My parents never did it, I vaguely remember episodes with Santa for other kids, but never remember believing or wanting to.

But anyways, don't want to derail this thread which is not a debate about Santa or not, but about credit for gifts being a reason that other people have given for their anti-Santa stance.
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