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Once a week We have cheese quesadillas with bean dip, garlic bread with marinara, spring rolls (I premake these and freeze), and leftovers. We always serve with a fruit and vegetable. Other days we have a container with 4 sections filled and ready to eat in the fridge. My kids love cucumbers, tomatoes, edamame, and cooked cauliflower so we keep it ready to go. Each box, like a bento box, has a fruit, a veggie, cheese, and grain. Some days I just let them pick at the boxes for a while instead of serving an actual lunch.
Other things we enjoy at lunch are "meatballs",roll ups (good way for me to get spinach in) or bread less sandwiches, pb&j cut into bite sized squares, and homemade vegetable soup.
While I think kids should eat what we eat, at lunch they do because I eat what they eat. Toddlers always prefer things that seem more like a snack or that are cut into little bits. We have a wavy knife and I always use it to cut cheese or carrot sticks, cucumber slices, etc.
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