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Originally Posted by slyfoxy View Post
Today makes 12dpo an my doctor never wants me to take a hpt until day 14dpo. I'm so scared to test due of seeing so many BFN for a whole year soon.
How's things going? Did you test yet?!?!?! FX for your BFP!

Originally Posted by c&w's mama
c&w's mama
waiting to O

(if its ok)
mama! Jump right in. I see you've already become acquainted with my VP of POAS, Tina! We are so glad to have you join us. Hope your stay here is short & sweet. DS can be kind of intimidating. I was so overwhelmed that I was a member for almost 6 months before I finally took the bull by the horn & tried to really figure it all out. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me or ask here in the thread. I start a new thread every Monday & post a link to it in the last comment of the old thread. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Originally Posted by carlycurry

You must have hit the nail on the head for my cycle this month... tomorrow will be CD16... so the miscarriage messed me all up, but I got a much, much darker almost-positive OPK tonight at 10:30... so I should be Oing in the next 24-48 hours hopefully... so wow, yeah CD 16-18 is late ovulation for me... but thankful to finally see a major change in the OPK color!!!!
I guess I should say I always got my 1st pos OPK on CD 14 & that time I got it on CD 16. I've never temped, so I've never been sure of my O date in relation to my pos OPK, so I've just always counted my LP from the day after my 1st pos. And with the exception of my last cycle when I got that crazy pos on CD 11 & AF came 2 days later than expected based on that pos, that system has worked for me. this is your cycle!!!

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