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Re: Cloth Wipes

I use the cheapie washcloths that we've been gifted, we had a ton to do something with! I have no clue how many it is, but I could use a few extra. I stack them unfolded and wet about 8 in the morning and some times a few more in the late afternoon, depending on our # of use for the day. I have 3 kids that all at times need wiped. I put baby oil gel on my hands and wipe my hands on the dry cloths then wet with warm water and ring them out and put them in the warmer. Every few days I use a bathroom cleaner in the warmer to keep away mildew smell <This was my new found key to keeping away to stink! My older two boys love it when the dinorsour print wipe comes through the rotation.

ETA: I do spray them off w/ the diaper sprayer when needed (almost 2 year old, yep it's needed sometimes! ) I found out with my first one that it's not PUL lined like the diapers though, so water WILL spray through it! I soaked my skirt! And they go in the pail and through the same wash routine.
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