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The Verizon lady...

Called me a retard when she thought I was on hold. Uhm. And she was a supervisor.

I was calling to inquire about an over payment sent almost a month ago (not really sure how it happened but extra was sent and they said they couldn't credit the account, they had to mail it back.)

I actually called to make a payment. And the automated system wasn't working so it forwarded me. I made the payment and just asked if my check had been made out yet. She said that I shouldn't expect that back ( ) and to just forget about it. Uhm. No. So I asked again if the check had been made out, if not, no biggie. Just asking. Well she asked to put me on hold. AND THEN SHE CALLED ME A RETARD.

She said "what a f*^%ing retard.

I. Am. Livid.

I demanded a higher up right away. They profusely apologized and took care of my whole bill next month.

I am so floored still! I wasn't even asking anything ridiculous?!

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