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Re: 1yr old getting out of harness!

Originally Posted by *Katherine* View Post
I was also going to suggest that maybe it's not tight enough?

And the BLVD is a continuous harness
BLVD is not a continuous harness.

It could be it's TOO tight which makes the kiddo uncomfortable and wants to get out of her straps. It's certainly possible to get out of a properly adjusted seat--my second kid was a houdini and she could be out of her seat by the time I backed out of the driveway. What worked for her was FFing so I could watch her and correct the behavior when I saw it (which didn't always work--2 year olds aren't super reasonable, who knew?!), and putting button-up shirts, hoodies, etc on her so I could zip/button them over the straps so she couldn't reach them.
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