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Re: Because this is a well visited forum, I need some help. Update #29

Originally Posted by Happy Mommax4 View Post
What was the med again that they were going to give you? Also some PO meds can be taken rectally (just sayin) there is also another idea, there are two meds one is oxyfast it's the narcotic component of Percocet in a highly concentrated liquid, the other is roxanol, liquid oral morphine they both come in 20mg/ml so highly concentrated, you could take it sub lingually. Now I have no idea what class these meds are in. Also fentanyl, is uber expensive and if you're going from Vicodin to that there's a big difference-good luck, I hope you get somewhere soon!
The med is Fentanyl but in a lozenge. I know how dangerous it can be and how easy it is to OD on it. But it was the ONLY thing I could get anyone to tell me about that was not an oral or IV/IM med. I had no idea some could be suppositories. I had asked time and time again for alternatives to oral narcotics. But all I got were raised eyebrows. I would take a non-opiod if I could but no one will tell me.

I know that Morphine comes in a liquid. But liquid is actually worse on my heartburn than the pills. I had the codeine cough syrup and the heartburn came on within 15 mins. I hate my heartburn!!!!
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