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Re: Attention Peoples!

Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
I've never changed my username or my Avi. Don't have any plans on changing them either. The baby in my Avi is now in kindergarten, and I've had 2 babies since then!

I get so lost sometimes when people change their Avis, but I REALLY don't like it when usernames get changed. It's like the member left and a new one joined. But I can see times when that would be helpful - like the pp saying she was getting stalked.
I never change mine either. I've had the same one forever. The baby in my avi is now almost 7, big drooly dog looks the same though, maybe a bit lazier. I keep thinking I could change my avi pick to a more recent pick of Tharen and Duke so long as I make sure Duke is still in there everyone should still recognize me right?
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