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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

Its interesting to read about so many other people on here who don't do Santa either. Do you guys still do anything else at Christmas? Also its really funny where the whole myth of Santa really came from. I don't want to offend anyone by saying this but I read an article that said we took Santa from a combination of St Nicholas and bringing children toys blah blah but have you ever wondered about the tree and raindeer etc.? The laplander people would celebrate the solstice and go out dressed in fur with black boots and their raindeer and bring back bags of the red and white mushrooms as a sacrament or gift and climbe down the smoke holes or" chimneys" in their yurts. The mushrooms only grow under pine trees and they found them being guided by the north star thus the star on top of the pine tree. The mushrooms were eaten by the deer also and gave the feeling of flying so flying raindeer. And also made the men laugh ho ho ho and have flushed face so rosy cheeked red and white fur wearing Santa with flying raindeer and a sack of presents under the tree
Weird huh? Sorry had to share funny to me that people have no idea the origins of psychedelic santa

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